Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Favourites | Beauty, Style & Much More


I haven't been blogging over that last month through exams and then my internet dying on me so here's a little something to hopefully give you insight into what I've been into and products I can't get enough of.

 . Style . 

Lovisa Drop Earrings – 18.0
Mum - "Drop Earrings"
Me -*Cringes*
~ A Day Later ~
Me - Wow! These are pretty. 
Yeah... so up until recently drop earrings haven't been an item that I've really been drawn to - in fact they used to make me wince at the thought. I think that my deep seeded fear of having a dangly object strung from my ear lobe originated in the fact that I didn't want something weighty making my ear lobes hang down around my chin. In reality I was just being silly, these earrings are gorgeous and I try to wear them at every opportunity - surprisingly really light! Lovisa always has amazing jewellery and most of my earring have been bought there over the last few years.

Burans Monochrome Mosaic Skirt – 45.0 - Purchased from Dissh Boutique
I'm not usually one to jump on the "This is trending so I'll buy it" band wagon, HOWEVER how can one not fall in love with this skirt! It says fun and flirty & the monochrome colour palette gives a more grown up tone to the piece. The fabric has a really 90's feel, which I love! I could honestly wear this with anything - layered with some winter tights & doc's or some cute bright coloured sandals and an airy blouse in the summer months. Check out the Dissh online store HERE and help support some other small boutique designers. 

Cotton On Black Halter Dress – 30.0
Sometimes when I'm bored I'll go online and add things to my shopping cart - rarely do I ever then go out and purchase an item in store that I've added to my cart for fun. This dress was just so cute it reminded me of a real 90's vibe and then after watching Charli XCX's video clip Break the Rules I was like 

"THE 90's ARE BACK!" *Screams from rooftop of very high building*

I bought it. I wore it. I want more of them in millions of different colours! 

Link HERE to the same dress only in grey.

 . Beauty .

Original Source Lime Shower Gel
This stuff is ridiculously addictive! I originally started with using the Mint scent and then they ran out at the supermarket so I went with Lime. Oh my, it is amazing! The natural fragrance is so refreshing and it really does wake you up in the morning, definitely a great summer scent. Plus tested on humans, so none of our adorable furry friends were hurt in the process of it's making!

Est. Virgin Olive Oil Mint Foot Butter – 39.95
With mint being my favourite scent I was automatically drawn to this. My Aunty and I went on a little birthday shopping trip (back in June) & stumbled across this really cute little organic beauty store. I wouldn’t usually go for products like this (creams for my feet) however I love the scent and now I use it almost every weekend as a bit of a relaxer after a hectic week.

Miracle Hair Treatment  from Eleven Australia – 24.95 Online Store

When I first saw this at my Hairdressers (Bianca's Hair & Beauty Caloundra) I thought it looked like something a peddler would be selling "Come here folks and sample the wonders of the Miracle Hair Treatment. If you have dry unruly hair than this is the product for you!". This stuff smells divine (a kind of rich coconut smell) and promises to add shine, control frizz, protect against heat styling, repair dry and damaged hair (which I desperately needed) and lots of other wonderful stuff. It seriously works wonders!

. Yummy Bits .

Higher Living Cocoa & Chili Organic Herbal Tea
If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know I love trying new teas and with us going into the festive season I picked up one that can only be described as smelling like Christmas! I’ve given a few tea bags to friends and several have then gone out and bought it. I’d also recommend the Cinnamon flavour, which is my usual ‘go to’ tea. I can definitely picture myself drinking this while sitting next to a fire in Colorado after a long day of skiing during my holiday in January.
. Contains . 
Cocoa (33%), Liquorice, Chili (15%), Ginger, Cinnamon, Fennel, Anise, Black Pepper, Bourbon Vanilla, Cardamom, Cloves.

. Reads .

Yen Magazine Issue 71
On a plane back from Sydney recently I spotted this little gem! I'm all for cool alternative mags (some that remind me of reading blogs). A lot of the articles that caught my eye were photography related - Possibly because I'm trying to improve the quality of images I'm posting on my blog. There were some cool fashion look books, with clothing that I now really want in my wardrobe! Although Issue 71 is not the latest instalment of this amazing piece of creative literature, I felt an overwhelming urge to share. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

. Stay cool .

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