Bucket List | Before 30

  1. Live Overseas for a year
  2. Own a piece of Valentino Clothing
  3. Read a 1000 books from cover to cover
  4. Go to India for Holi Day - Ride an elephant 
  5. Attend One Night Stand Music Festival
  6. Write a Novel
  7. Over come fear of Camels
  8. Design my formal dress
  9. Go skinny dipping
  10. See the Northern Lights
  11. Go to a drive in scary movie
  12. Go to Carnevale in Venice 
  13. Send a message in a bottle
  14. Star gaze in the middle of no where
  15. Go to the French Quarter, New Orleans during Mardi Gras 
  16. Visit Disney Land (COMPLETED - January 2015)
  17. Grow daisies on my balcony
  18. See the Sistine Chapel, Rome
  19. Do something generous for a complete stranger
  20. Watch the sunrise over Prague
  21. Write a 1000 blog posts
  22. Adopt a pet rabbit
  23. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain, Rome 
  24. Buy a homeless person dinner & a room for the night
  25. Send someone an anonymous gift
  26. Organise a massive water balloon fight for all the seniors at school
  27. Start my own business
  28. Create a secret family recipe
  29. Help organise a 10 year reunion  for the class of 2015
  30. Swim in a pool at night covered in glow paint
  31. Make a sick child's dream come true
  32. Pack a bag and jump on the next flight
  33. Put away $5 to 10 every time I receive my pay or money as a gift - for my retirement
  34. Rent a beach house in 5 years and get the high school gang back together
  35. Go to fashion week in London and Paris
  36. Attend a real masquerade ball
  37. Trial being a vegetarian for a month
  38. Write a snail mail letter everyday to someone for a month
  39. Take part in Vlogtober
  40. Ask a random stranger out for coffee
  41. Create a picture book with a significant message aimed at adults
  42. Put a piece of bubble gum on the Seattle gum wall
  43. Take part in a peaceful protest 
  44. See a show in the globe theater
  45. Go to Vidcon
  46. Go to a second hand book fair
  47. Make a fashion diary and inspiration book for every big journey taken
  48. Be completely debt free
  49. Do a sticky note bomb inside someones school locker 
  50. Make a 20 year photo time capsule 
  51. Climb a mountain and just scream
  52. Be in times square for New Year's Eve
  53. Surprise visit my family once I've moved out
  54. Don't get a tattoo - Wait till you're 30 to know if you really would want one.

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