Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Importance of Personal Style | Thoughts

Every time I come home from the shops I feel like I’ve purchased at least one thing that I absolutely love but need to work up the confidence to wear outside. For a while it was my first pair of boyfriend jeans, the little shopping angel on my right shoulder said ‘Yeah! Go for it!’ and my head was like ‘ahhhh… better not’. Consequently I just needed to find a cool t-shirt to pair with them and now I love wearing that outfit (I’m actually wearing it tomorrow :3).

*Warning cliché Riley has been released* I think we’ve all become to concerned about what others may think or say about us if we dress in a certain way, but the beauty of fashion and personal style is that being unique is celebrated! I mean who would have thought six months ago we’d all be wearing cat socks under toeless sandles (well to be truthful, I’ve only worn this once but I may pull it out again cause to my surprise it didn’t look half bad).

I’ve finally fallen in love with a dress for my formal next year after weeks of finding nothing I liked. I must admit lots of my friends weren’t to keen on it cause it was not traditional, it also happens to be white and kinda short (link HERE). The big puffy pink sparkly formal dress just isn’t me, where as that would look fabulous on a lot of people I know! Some of my readers also didn’t really agree with my anti-prom post (Post Linked HERE), but I respect their opinions as they respect mine.

Now the importance of personal style over the last couple of months has only recently dawned on me. A few months ago (Not that I’ve always followed the crown when it can to clothing) I was waiting for my friends at Moffat Beach (Post Linked HERE) and out of the blue I here ‘Hey look it’s Riley. I could tell her a mile away with that black maxi skirt it’s so her style’.

The point that I’m trying to show in the last three paragraphs of incoherent rambles is that wear what you want because if you like it and it makes you happy while wearing it then people around you will recognize this.

Love ya!

Be kind to one another!


  1. Completely agree with you on this. And btw, that white dress is beyond amazing!

  2. Wholeheartedly agree with this, there is too much generic clothing out there. People need to I brace their individuality! X

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I believe everyone needs to embrace there individuality and it's nice to here that you feel the same! Riley x