Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In Flight Essentials | American Holiday

I have a pretty relaxed view of flying I’m not one to get flustered or freak out about the whole experience. It’s just something that never really bothered me – I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Fights can get boring and the longest flight I’ve ever been on was only for 4 hours, so a 14 hour flight to San Francisco from Brisbane is going to be hectic.  San Fran isn’t our only destination there are going to be many other internal America flights & bus trips we have to catch through out the three weeks were in America, so I need to pack enough items to keep me occupied & prepared through out the travel time. I've complied a few tips and thoughts about flying, to give anybody else jet setting off around the globe.

Dressing Down
When you’re in flight for 14 hours wearing something tight and restricting isn’t a good idea – no matter how good you look. It’s good to wear something comfy and loose, in the case you want to catch some Z’s you can get comfortable.  

Jumpers . Doc's & Converse . Loose T-shirts . Boy Friend Jeans . Minimal Jewellery & Makeup

In Flight Beauty
It’s seems to be among general consensus in the beauty blogging community that when it comes to in flight makeup 'less is more'. You see lots of beauty bloggers readily talking about the pain of makeup ‘up keep’ when flying.  Concealer or BB Cream is generally the most I’d wear on a plane and maybe a dust over of my Matter Maker Powder. Then towards the end of the flight (Last 30 minutes) a little mascara when were about to get off the plane.  
The Air Conditioning can cause your skin to become dry and sore, so for my face I use my Green Tea Proactiv Moisturiser. Hand & Arms are left to the job of The Body Shop Strawberry Body Puree Moisturiser which can be bought in a small size (good for travel) and smells divine!  Also from The Body Shop but this time for my lips The Born Lippy in Strawberry (this was the first lip gloss ever bought for me) or Burt's Bee's Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia which is fast becoming my favourite thing to wear on my lips. Tip - before applying any product to your lips rub a tissue firmly over your lips to remove dead skin cells thus exfoliating, this allows your lip product not to flake and retain it's colour for longer.

Garnier BB Cream in Combination to Oily Skin in Light . Maybelline Matte Maker Powder in 10 Classic Ivory . Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara . The Body Shop Strawberry Body Puree Moisturiser. Green Tea Proactiv Face Moisturiser . The Body Shop Born Lippy in Strawberry . Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahila .

Phone Apps 
I have a slight obsessions with game apps developed by King - Diamond Digger Saga, Candy Crush Soda, Bubble Witch 2 and good old Candy Crush. I've sat for hours at a time playing these games and just adore them! They only suck when your lives run out and then you have to wait sometimes 25 minutes for more! First world problems at there finest. Any other cool apps I should download? Preferably ones that will keep my occupied for hours.

Reading Material
I'm currently a quarter way through Chanel By Edmonde Charles-Roux. It's an amazing read, Charles-Roux goes to amazing lengths in the detail of her surroundings and early family life. Perhaps I'll still have some of it to read on my holiday. Otherwise Magazines like Frankie, Yen, Vogue Australia or Britain, Tidal Magazine and Peppermint Magazine - All fabulous reads, of course classics like Vogue never disappoint but I've really been getting into magazines that are written in my local area or have a unique artsy independent vibe. Everyone definitely should go check out Tidal Magazine its written by two great young ladies who graduated from my school a few years ago and are trying to do their part in the support of ocean conservation (an issue close to my heart) - Link to Webpage HERE - Link to Instagram HERE .

Personal Essential
iPod is a must have, to drown out the constant hum of the plane. You can see my latest music post HERE if you'd like to check out what I'm listening to. My entire family also bought a pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones from Officeworks for around 30.0, which is incredibly cheap when you view the others on the market.
My sketch pad and pencil case allows me to write down any ideas for my blog and new clothing pieces I'm designing. I use a watercolour book and a blender marker paper pad which helps with the use of my copic markers.
Mentos or gum in the flavour spearmint. Which it is the best flavour created. Ever.

Hope this gave you some sight into the flight and a few handy tips folks. Leave a comment below if you have any tips of your own or flighting essential you'd recommend.

. Stay Cool .


  1. Lovely article. I don't fly that often which is sad as I love it! George Ezra (your phone) is a great musician! X

    1. Thanks so much! Sorry I didn't respond to your comment sooner but I've been traveling. I do have a bit of a crush on George Ezra haha. Love reading your blog. All the best for 2015.
      Riley xo

  2. You always take such lovely photos! I'm going on holiday in a few months and I must remember to give this another look then, definitely some great essentials on here! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth