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Vintage & Op Shopping | Thoughts

Melbourne Alley October 2013 


 I feel as though more & more people are beginning to love vintage clothing, with the current revival of some 90's trends I think that discussing peoples views on second hand and Vintage (please excuse if the term is used a little loosely through out the following) clothing is really interesting.

I think that buying second hand clothing is such a good thing for the environment, by building nations of consumers who will purchase there clothes constantly and throw away there clothes constantly we put so much waste into landfill. It's really just not a sustainable practice to continue, however when op shopping your able to give money to a good cause and help the environment. I also love the freedom of buying clothes at a thrift store. The item you purchase may cost very little, making you feel less guilty if you alter and change it to personalise the garment. Then when its no longer what your after it's not a big financial loss to donate again (can't say it won't be an emotional loss).

I have had quite a few people say that it's disgusting to be wearing someone else's clothing and purchasing clothes that other people have worn before is for poor people. To those people I say this - On holiday you would stay in a hotel and sleep on a bed with sheets that potentially hundreds of other people have slept or you eat at a restaurant where hundreds of people have used the cutlery your about to put into your mouth and yet you won't buy washed and cleaned clothing, that in most cases is relatively new? However I probably wouldn't usually word it like that (haha!) I would like to look at it as every piece of clothing having a 'story' or past life with someone else and now it has a home with me. I guess it just kind of put's things into perspective a little when you talk about it like that.

A really interesting TED talk video that I loved watching takes a look at Jessi Arrington a Brooklyn based designer who went off to TEDActive (March 2011) with nothing but several pairs of underwear in her luggage. In this talk she shares what she found in Op Shop to purchase and wear sourcing only second hand clothing for an entire week -  Linked HERE.

Also if you're keen to shop vintage blogger Zoe London (possibly author of my fave blog to read) has just recently posted on her blog 'Tips on Shopping for Vintage' it's a good read you should go check it out. It touches on accessories and vinyl records not just clothing - really good for a novice.

I would love to start a conversation regarding this topic, so if you have any thoughts, comments on points I've tried to make or points of your own you'd like to share drop a comment below and I'll check it out.

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  1. I love going to second hand shops. Every time I go I find a ton of stuff that is almost new.

    Anyways I've also nominated you for "The Versatile Award" - check out my post if you fancy taking part :)

    1. Thanks Alondra! Its nice to here others agree. Ill go now and check out that post :) x

  2. I wear a lot of second hand (in the UK we have charity shops, where you can donate your old stuff, and they sell it on to make money for the cause), and like how it's both raising money for charity and good for the environment. xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

    1. I totally agree, I love that they raise money for charity and its good for the environment. Thanks for leaving a comment its always nice hearing from a readers. Have a good day. X