Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's The Sound Track to My Life | A Blogger's Playlist

Some old and new tracks for you to check out. If I had to have one playlist to listen to for the rest of my life this would be it.

.Circles . By Vanic X Machineheart

. Break The Rules . By Charli XCX

. Last Night . By The Strokes

. Nightmares By The Sea . By Jeff Buckley

. Ways To Go . By Grouplove

. Titanium ft. Sia . By David Guetta

. Budapest . By George Ezra

. If I Die Young . By The Band Perry

. Yesterday . By The Beatles

. Viva La Vida . By Coldplay

. Romeo and Juliet (Live from Abbey Road) . By The Killers

. Take Me Over . By Peking Duk

. Thinking Out Loud . By Ed Sheeran

. Young & Beautiful . By Lana Del Rey 

. Bones . By The Killers

. Uprising . By Muse

. Cecilia . By Simon and Garfunkel

. Stay Cool .


  1. Recently became obsessed with this one - A Day in the Life (feat. Miley Cyrus & New Fumes) by the Flaming Lips. Check it out!

    1. I had a listen and really liked it! I haven't been much of a Miley fan but I really enjoyed her in this. Thanks Mia! I also had a flick through your blog and it's really cool everyone should check it out!

      Riley xo