Monday, August 18, 2014

Peasant Style Crop Tops | A New Obsession

Be still my beating heart! Oh my everywhere I turn all I'm seeing are peasant styled crop tops, so I decided to put together a little post for you showing off a few I can't wait to get my hands on for summer!
Are you loving a certain style for the coming season in your corner of the world? Let me know. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Importance of Personal Style | Thoughts

Every time I come home from the shops I feel like I’ve purchased at least one thing that I absolutely love but need to work up the confidence to wear outside. For a while it was my first pair of boyfriend jeans, the little shopping angel on my right shoulder said ‘Yeah! Go for it!’ and my head was like ‘ahhhh… better not’. Consequently I just needed to find a cool t-shirt to pair with them and now I love wearing that outfit (I’m actually wearing it tomorrow :3).

*Warning cliché Riley has been released* I think we’ve all become to concerned about what others may think or say about us if we dress in a certain way, but the beauty of fashion and personal style is that being unique is celebrated! I mean who would have thought six months ago we’d all be wearing cat socks under toeless sandles (well to be truthful, I’ve only worn this once but I may pull it out again cause to my surprise it didn’t look half bad).

I’ve finally fallen in love with a dress for my formal next year after weeks of finding nothing I liked. I must admit lots of my friends weren’t to keen on it cause it was not traditional, it also happens to be white and kinda short (link HERE). The big puffy pink sparkly formal dress just isn’t me, where as that would look fabulous on a lot of people I know! Some of my readers also didn’t really agree with my anti-prom post (Post Linked HERE), but I respect their opinions as they respect mine.

Now the importance of personal style over the last couple of months has only recently dawned on me. A few months ago (Not that I’ve always followed the crown when it can to clothing) I was waiting for my friends at Moffat Beach (Post Linked HERE) and out of the blue I here ‘Hey look it’s Riley. I could tell her a mile away with that black maxi skirt it’s so her style’.

The point that I’m trying to show in the last three paragraphs of incoherent rambles is that wear what you want because if you like it and it makes you happy while wearing it then people around you will recognize this.

Love ya!

Be kind to one another!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Natural Look Starts with a Good Foundation!

Calvin Klein once said The best things is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural. 

Most days I go for a very natural look because I'm at school all day. With that said my skin gets really oily through out the day so chosing a foundation or BB cream that allows my skin to stay matte is crucial!

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation 30ml - True Ivory 103
This foundation is so great, mostly because of how light it is on my skin but also because of the brilliant coverage it has. Often with drugstore foundations I have difficulty blending them (hence why I buy the lightest shade) but the Rimmel foundation easily blends to my skin tone not making me have a really bad makeup line. Yay! 
As for the 'Stay Matte' it does keep my skin matte until later on in the afternoon once home from school, once I'm home from school I remove my makeup anyway so it doesn't worry me much.
You only need the amount of your pinky nail applied to your face otherwise it can look a little cakey, but I guess that's a common problem with a lot of face products. To avoid the dreaded iced face look apply with a sponge and stipple on.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 30ml - Fair
$12 to $15
Out of the three products I must admit this is the one that leaves me with the most natural look, it does have less coverage than the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation but matches my skin tone a lot better. My skin will however become oily at around midday and my reddish zones on my cheeks and nose become more visible. I will probably always reach for this one on weekends with that aside because if I'm only out for a few hours I can get away 
with it - I like the natural dewy effect it gives my skin for the first hours of wear.

Garnier BB Cream 40ml - Light / Combination to Oily skin 
I love this product it works just swell as the Maybelline BB Cream however I would only ever recommend buying it in the combination to oily skin formula because the original formula leaves a lot of people with extremely oily skin even those with relatively dry skin. I think that this product works really well the only down side being it still allows my reddish zones to show - it is a BB Cream not a foundation so I understand that has a lighter coverage.

I would love to know your thoughts on BB Creams and if you believe in all the hype surrounding them. I also love checking out my readers blogs so leave a comment and link :).
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Festival Vibes | Wish List

- shop this post -

I've been loving these items this week especially the 'Love You More' Crop Top from Jawbreaking T-shirts!
They all really suit a laid back festival event or out door concert. I also think that all the different bits can be styled in various ways making them versatile (at least I tell myself that once they've entered my cart...), hope you enjoyed. 

Happy shopping!
Be Kind to one another!