Friday, January 23, 2015

Starting My Senior Year | Year 12 Update

It makes me cringe a little that as of the 27th of January I'm starting my last year of school. I've been waiting to finally get to year 12 since the shine of primary school quickly rubbed off and now that it's here knocking on my door it seems very daunting. I began to actually like school in year 8, where I had teachers that really engaged me and I soon grew to be really good in a lot of areas. I've been revising over the holidays (not counting America, of course) with things like math and chemistry, working on all the research for my first art project back and I've begun reading a lot more again. Does anybody else feel like when they read their english improves, whether it be writing essays or scribbling down a few notes on something?
I suppose I would call the following tips but they're really just a collection of new year's resolutions, ideas and a few good habits I'm trying out.

     Eat Healthy - In the morning I've recently started making banana smoothies with a dash of honey. I find it hard to eat a lot in the morning so being able to have a drink I can sip on whilst I get ready is a lot more convenient. These really fill me up and have been lasting me until lunch time with a full stomach.
 I usually do eat really well, whilst I'm back at school because you don't have unhealthy things to snack on if you don't pack them in the morning. My lunch on a typical day will consist of a salad (greek or garden) with some form of lean protein (tuna or chicken. Oh even maybe a homemade falafel), two pieces of fruit (apple, orange, peach, lychee's, etc.), a container of homemade trail mix (almonds, walnuts, sultanas, shredded coconut, etc.) and one small treat like an Oreo or a piece of fruit cake. 
I've also recently stopped eating bread, which some people may find a little odd but by making healthy substitutes I don't feel as sluggish and just as full after every meal.

    8 Bottles of Water - I can understand why to some people eight bottles of water a day can sound excessive. However I've found a way of working it into my day. The benefits of this include my oily skin producing less blemishes, me feeling more awake and energised, it improves the digestion of your food, the transportation of nutrients through your body and it also helps calories control. One thing that may surprise you is that I don't drink soft drinks (and now cordials), in fact I've never tasted coke or lemonade in my entire life. Both my parents and my sister do drink them, but I just never liked the bubbles as a little kid so drinking them has never been on my radar. I think that this is also why I drink so much water, I don't have any thing else that I can choose to drink regularly. I do drink tea and coffee but maybe one a day at the most and I'd rather eat an orange that just have it's juice in the morning. Haha I guess we all have our weird little things.

     Me Time - One of the things most parents are warned about this year is that our stress levels go through the roof! I try and make "Me Time" even if it's just taking a break from study or assignments and having a nice hot shower with some nice smelling soap and a music playlist on shuffle in the back ground. Perhaps a cup of tea and your favourite television program 
*cough cough* Downton Abbey
is more your style. Whatever is may be remember that this year doesn't last forever and you do have to work your ass off, but there is still time to contain your stress levels and take a moment of calm to regroup your nerves. 

   Study Time Table - For many years I've been putting this one off and yes I'm about to sound like your mother. However I looked at an email that my maths teacher sent out containing the dates of exams (and all the not so fun stuff) which detailed  on the first day of school for the year it is almost exactly 6 weeks till exams.
Usually we have something like 8 weeks till exams and with math not being my best subject by a long shot I've already begun taking notes on things we'll be covering. With that said on your weekly timetable you need to factor everything in such as all study, after school commitments, Work (difficult because sometimes hours change), any Downton Abbey time once a week etc. You have to get your school and life balanced which means in year twelve that there happens to be a lot more school than life. Having a copy above your desk at home, in your school diary or planner and one stuck in a folder where you keep all your assignment sheets together is also a good idea.

These are just a few that I been finding helpful and habits I'd like to continue from last year. I hope that this has given you some ideas and that you feel welcome to share some of your thoughts and opinions. If anyones written any other back to school posts recently write the link in the comments and I'll check it out.

. Stay Happy & Healthy .


  1. Good luck with your exams! Definitely sounds like you've got your head in the right place and if youve put in the work then you'll be great! make sure you get plenty of down time to reward yourself with too :) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Sophie! I'll be sure to make time for myself. It's going to be one great year!

      Riley xo