Monday, October 27, 2014

The Plan (so far..)

The following is an explanation of where the hell my life is heading…

I plan ahead, now sometimes my plans don’t always go to plan because I also happen to be the queen of procrastination (In fact I was meant to write this post 2 days ago) however my future (after high school) is something that I really had thought long and hard about. I’ve always had dreams and aspirations, but I also love that I have mischievous streak and spontaneity about myself, it’s one of the things that makes me ‘me’. Naturally my sense of adventure and grabbing life with two hands has therefore influenced what I want to do with my life.

The Next Five Years

The next five years may happen to be the most terrifying and thrilling in my whole life! I’ve recently started working at a local fish and chip shop, so that’s bringing in some extra money! Every shift I’m putting $10 away for my retirement – may seem stupid but I’d like to be able to own my own home one day & my own fashion label.

These holidays coming in January my parents are taking me on a once in a lifetime trip to America, as our last major family holiday.  Where going to San Francisco, Steam Boat Colorado (skiing), Las Vegas and 3 magical days in Disney Land! I seriously can’t contain my excitement!

I’m starting my senior year next year which means lots of study and hard work, but not all work and no play – Formal, Graduation & Choosing the Design schools I’m applying for (I’m really keen at getting into the Whitehouse Institute of Design located in the heart of my favourite city Melbourne). Speaking of design I’m working on some different options for my formal dress – This will definitely feature in another post, because I need your trusted advice and constructive criticism!

If all goes to plan I’d love to move to Melbourne after high school. The creative people and city really just draw me in. I’m probably your typical teenage blogger I’ll follow my heart to where there’s good food, live alternative music and beautiful unique vintage clothing pieces. Sounds like absolute bliss!

I also hope to grow and share my blog with new readers. As I mature, grow and learn for the people around me I want to share my discoveries with all of you!

Bucket List | Before The Big 30

I put a big emphasis on creating ‘moment’s’ and my bucket list is no different. I felt like I had to give myself some kind of time limit otherwise nothing would get done so I chose the big 30, that’s 14 years (I’m 16 currently).  I would be more than ecstatic if I was to complete these things before 30

*Squeals with excitement*

but… I would find it more than satisfactory if I were able to complete around 80% of them. Some of these things may seem trivial – it’s not like I’ve written down “Solve world hunger”, “Cure the world of all infectious diseases” or “Abolish the wearing of galaxy tights”. They mean something significant to me and I think that’s what a bucket list should be about.
  1. Live Overseas for a year
  2. Own a piece of Valentino Clothing
  3. Read a 1000 books from cover to cover
  4. Go to India for Holi Day - Ride an elephant 
  5. Attend One Night Stand Music Festival
  6. Write a Novel
  7. Over come fear of Camels
  8. Design my formal dress
  9. Go skinny dipping - exotic location 
  10. See the Northern Lights
  11. Go to a drive in scary movie
  12. Go to Carnevale in Venice 
  13. Send a message in a bottle
  14. Star gaze in the middle of no where
  15. Go to the French Quarter, New Orleans during Mardi Gras 
  16. Visit Disney Land
  17. Grow daisies on my balcony
  18. See the Sistine Chapel, Rome
  19. Do something generous for a complete stranger
  20. Watch the sunrise over Prague
  21. Write a 1000 blog posts
  22. Adopt a pet rabbit
  23. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain, Rome
  24. Buy a homeless person dinner & a room for the night
  25. Send someone an anonymous gift
  26. Take a photo a day of my friends in 2015 - My senior year
  27. Organise a massive water balloon fight for all the seniors at school
  28. Start my own business
  29. Create a secret family recipe
  30. Help organise a 10 year reunion  for the class of 2015
  31. Swim in a pool at night covered in glow paint
  32. Make a sick child's dream come true
  33. Pack a bag and jump on the next flight
  34. Put away $10 every time I receive my pay or money as a gift - for my retirement
  35. Rent a beach house in 5 years and get the high school gang back together
  36. Go to fashion week in London and Paris
  37. Attend a real maskerade ball
  38. Trial being a vegetarian for a month
  39. Write a snail mail letter everyday to someone for a month
  40. Take part in Vlogtober
  41. Ask a random stranger out for coffee
  42. Create a picture book with a significant message aimed at adults
  43. Put a piece of bubble gum on the Seattle gum wall
  44. Take part in a peaceful protest 
  45. See a show in the globe theatre
  46. Go to Vidcon or Playlist Live
  47. Go to a second hand book fair
  48. Make a fashion diary and Inspiration book for every big journey taken
  49. Be completely debt free
  50. Do a sticky not bomb inside someones school locker - Watch out friends!
  51. Make a 20 year photo time capsule 
  52. Climb a mountain and just scream
  53. Be in times square for New Year's Eve
  54. Surprise visit my family once I've moved out
  55. Don't get a tattoo - it's just not my thing
So it's not perfect by any means and things will change, but I thought you might like a look into what will hopefully be my crazy life.


  1. Wow such a lovely post! Love your list! The photos are very sunny, where do you live? Abi :)

    1. Hey Abi,
      I live on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia, its summer of here so it explains all the lovely sunshine!
      Riley x

  2. Ah I love your bucket list is great (I have one of my blog too!! xx haha) I am going through university applications and future life plans now as well - yours seem much more planned than mine. and when you've got your own fashion label I'll be happy to be your marketing/branding director aha (its what I am going to study at uni)
    jos xx

    1. Awww thanks Josie! Haha it may seem like i've got it all worked out but there's a long way to go. Love your blog, it's nice to know I've found my marketing/branding director!
      Best wishes
      Riley xo

  3. Beautiful photography. I love bucket lists!

    Paige xx
    Skin & Roses