Monday, October 13, 2014

What's in Your Closet? | Blogger Interviews

Hello! *Waves*
I'm starting a new series on my blog where I interview bloggers about their interests, there Blogs (Obviously) and key items in there wardrobes. I think that these interviews will give an opportunity to bloggers with perhaps smaller readership a way of exposing themselves to other bloggers & readers. Also it's nice to interact with people you haven't met before.

If you'd like to take part in the monthly blogger interview entitled 'What's in Your Closet?' simply send me a quick email at with the following questions answered & perhaps a few (2 or 3) photographs of your own you feel that would best accompany the interview.

Tell us about yourself and your blog.

What's your newest or most loved item of clothing in your wardrobe & does this piece of clothing come with a story?

Do you have any hobbies that influenced you to begin blogging?

 Links to your blog & relevant social medias

If you do happen to get in touch and selected there will be more questions to follow. All I ask in return is that you a write quick blog post on your blog linking the interview when posted & follow me on Bloglovin if you have a profile.  All basic info above is located on the 'Interviews' tab.

Look forward to hearing from you! 

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