Monday, July 7, 2014

A Tour Around my Favourite Instagram Accounts

Hey All,

Todays post contains a little inside into my favourite instagram accounts...

Pressed Juicery
 They don’t have any Pressed Juiceries in Australia (as far as I know) but just looking through there account makes me feel like I’ve been on a 3 week detox. So yummy & healthy I feel like I should be implementing some more juices between daily activities.

One of my favourite bloggers & Youtubers Zoella (or Zozeebo on instagram and twitter), Need I say more… If you don’t know who she is where have you been the last few years?

I have a slight obsession with accounts for animals and there is no exception here! Just so damn cute!!

I follow lots of bloggers & Youtubers on instagram but Rhiannon is definitely one of favourite instagram accounts (by a blogger or vlogger). Her account is filled with lovely posts, just as lovely as the ones on her blog.

I’m a sucker for a cute dog & I think pugs are the epitome of cute. My favourite part of this account is that if you hash tag #pugsrequest and you can have you furry friend featured on the account.

I’ve only recently started to watch Hellokaty on Youtube, but I love the variety of videos she’s done. I often keep an eye on her instagram to see if she’s posted a new video.

John Green the author of one of my favourite books *cough* Looking for Alaska *cough* Go buy it…

I love watching Casey’s YouTube video's, he reminds me of a real life Walter Mitty!

Never have I ever seen makeup in photos as pretty as theses ones on Anna’s account! I usually swing by her blog once a week & I’m always thrilled with the new abundance of makeup related jewels I find.

I only found this account a few days ago but I love everything that they’ve posted so far. My favourite photo is the elephant walking past someone’s bedroom window, it’s just seems like one of those wow moment.

If you, like myself enjoy a little stalk on instagram you can follow me @rileyjxo. If you mention reading this post in a comment on my account I'll follow back :)

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