Monday, July 7, 2014

Day Trip - Mexican & Yogurtland Australia

Guzman Y Gomez - mexican street food takeaway 
Kawana Shopping World


Soft shell taco with beef filling and salsa - approx. $9.50

Hello people of the internet,

On Monday me and some on me friends headed down to the newly renovated Kawana Shopping Centre where a Guzman Y Gomez has opened up. I ordered a soft shell with beef filling and salsa & it was so yummy! Originally after seeing it I was worried I'd be hungry but it was so filling & fresh. We had some of the best mexican we'd all had in years. 

Yogurtland inside = Heaven

Toppings bar

My friend Brittany's Yoghurt

Usually I wouldn't say no to fro-yo but I was so full from lunch (I ate a little from each of my friends...).


  1. Those kind of frozen yoghurt places always attract my attention - you know the interior, the colour, not to mention the endless possibilities of yumminess! Here in the UK, these kinds of place are few and far between really, especially when you live in the sticks, kind of, like I do. Haha! I don't think I can ever be too full for sweet treats!
    Bits & Bobs

    1. I completely understand your mention of endless possibilities! If I do opt for a frozen treat I often take forever to come up with a great combination, with this store only recently opening I've only been a few times but I will definitely be going back! My younger sister is now desperate for me to take her! Riley x

  2. Ooooh those beef taco's look amazing! Wish we had restaurants like that here in the UK! x

    1. I couldn't contain my excitement when this store popped up - until recently they were only in the city. I assure you the picture doesn't give this justice, it was delicious! Hopefully there are more of these restaurants opening up soon! Thanks for stopping by!
      Riley x