Saturday, March 21, 2015

Just Do it to Make YOU Happy!

So your list of problems has gotten so long they've started taking numbers like customers in a supermarket deli line...

. my inspiration wall above my desk .

Not going to lie I had a pretty crappy week. Usually I’m all smiles and positivity but this week several things just happened and as a result I got a case of the mid week blues. I always try to not let my mood dictate my manners and I hope I still succeeded to be a nice person to be around. When I think about all the people and things that make be happy everyday I realize how blessed I am. So to the down trodden out there after a week from hell, get up and don’t wallow because I promise one of the things conveniently listed below will get you back on your way to feeling your gorgeous self again.

Choose to let things go! You have to make the choice to be happy, holding onto negative conversations or situations will only ever bring you down.

Stop and smell the roses. Relax! Take a break and have a nice warm bath or go for a walk along the seaside.

Listen to some music and read yen magazine. yen always inspires me to write blog posts and get creative, even better paired with some of my favourite artists. You can find my latest playlist HERE for any inspiration of your own.

One thing that always makes me happy is the scent of petrichor. Petrichor is the earthy smell of rain settling the dust on dry ground.

Purchasing a new dress. Most of my wardrobe is made up of dresses. What can I say some girls love diamonds others shoes, I happen to have a weakness when it comes to dresses. (Post Publish Edit: I've just returned from the shops and you'll never guess what I bought...)

Buy a tumblr worthy bouquet of flowers and place them somewhere you can always see and smell them.

Wear a classic rouge lipstick. Red lips has been the iconic symbol for female strength and femininity for years, walk with confidence sporting this colour!

Turn off the technology! Put down your phone and become disconnected from the rest of the world. It feels strangely extricating.

Change up your hairstyle. My locks are currently in a state of disarray. I need a trim and maybe a colour? I'm planning on changing it up a bit for the coming winter and going for a chocolate dark brown.

Eat some cake. I’m personally a coffee cake kind of girl (anything to feed my caffeine addiction) but I’ve been told chocolate is a great alternative ;)

Get your nails done. I feel like I’m ready to take on the world when I have a fresh coat of mint green, crimson red or deep purple on my finger and toes.

Sit down at your local coffee shop and order your favourite drink (skinny flat white – no sugar or maybe a freshly squeezed juice), then just relax and people watch, sometimes other peoples everyday antics can brighten your day immensely. Here's another opportunity to turn off the technology - pick up a book at an op shop for $2 and when your finished donate it back again.

Give up something that’s been weighing you down. This is by far the most difficult, but sometimes it’s absolutely liberating to let go of a person, pass time or bad habit that keeps bringing out the negative things.

. Stay Cool and Utterly Ecstatic Friends! .

. sun shower as the sun sets .

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