Friday, May 8, 2015

One Year of Blogging!

Today, the 9th of May marks one years of Riley xo. To be honest I never thought this day would actually happen! With it comes with an immense sense of achievement. Over the years I've had a tendency to give up on things if I saw them as challenging, but I persevered with this little space and in my own eyes it's turned out to be a success. I want to thank all the readers who have been there from week one and continue to stop by & leave lovely motivating comments. I can't express the gratitude I have for you! 

When I first started out blogging I was very shy about sharing this space with my friends and family and up until recently still avoided their questions about my blog and it's content. However I've decided that I really enjoy blogging and it has become a major part of my life, so with that said I'm going to try being more open with my family about blogging and how much I get out of making content that I'm proud of.

Unfortunately this year is going to be massive! Whilst completing my final year of school I'm afraid that at times I may fall of the face of the earth, but I promise I'm still here and you will still hear from me every now and then just not as frequently as I would like. 

However I did get a chance around a week ago to give myself a little present. I went into my hairdressers 'Bianca's Hair & Beaty' in Caloundra (which I've mentioned before quite a few times) for a cut and semi-permanent colour. I've had my hair coloured darker once before and really loved it, so this time I thought I'd go for something really similar but a little warmer. I'm so happy with how it turned out and my hair feels so much healthier after a trim - before I got it done I didn't have major split ends but they were very dry and full of knots. My hair is now the longest it's ever been and I'm really happy with it. For a long time I cursed at the curls I have but now that my hair has a little more weight in it they've become more manageable, I really like my hair now as compared to around this time last year.

Again THANK YOU!! to everyone who has supported me and let's hope that this time next year I'm writing a post very similar to this with perhaps better grammar.
. Stay Cool & Celebrate The Little Wins xx .
. French Toast is a great reward if I ever had one .

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