Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Few Of My Favourite Things! – Beauty, Music, Fashion & Books.

Just a few odd things I've been enjoying this last couple of weeks...


Jeans – TOPSHOP High Waist Dark Wash Denim - $88
They're incredibly comfy and you can tell the quality that I paid for. I purchased them at the relatively new Brisbane store, as you can probably tell my first pair of TOPSHOP jeans have gone down very well.

 t-shirts – Miss Shop Pug T - $ 15 on SALE at Myers
I love this top, it's just so cute! I know the dogs aren't pugs but I couldn't figure out what type of dog they are, please leave a comment below if you know. I like that I can layer this shirt or just wear it in the summer with a pair of shorts.


Proactiv - Daily Oil Control + Green Tea Moisturizer + Mild Exfoliating Peel - around $70 + 2 free gifts
Let me just start by saying that at first I was genuinely thought Proactiv was a load of cat’s whiskers, but since I started using it in December 2013 my skin has cleared up a ridiculous amount. Apart from the three step system (Cleanse + Toner + Repair) my favourite products are the Daily Oil Control + Green Tea Moisturizer + Mild Exfoliating Peel. The Daily Oil Control + Green Tea Moisturizer I use everyday before I put on my foundation or BB Cream – BB Cream Post HERE – I find that my skin is hydrated all day without developing a layer or oil even with a foundation on top. The Mild Exfoliating Peel I do every three days or so – placing it on my oily areas (Mainly T Zone). Once dry you can roll it into little balls or your skin and it pulls out all the nasty blackheads and gunk that might be in your pores.

Simple –Eye Make-up Remover Wipes - around $15
I love Simple products because my skin can get sensitive to fragrances and all their products contain no artificial perfumes or colours and no harsh chemicals. These wipes are the perfect size to run across your eye and remove the bulk of your waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner. I’ve had problems in the past with products irritating my eyes or making them look raw and saw but Simple’s products don’t sting or irritate. They’ve become a regular staple in my makeup bag.

iKou -  Body Polish Organic Coconut, Jasmine + Hibiscus - $39.95
iKou isn’t a brand I’ve seen before in any major retailer, I picked this amazing creation up from a small eco friendly boutique in Brisbane City. The Organic Coconut exfoliates + softens my skin, while finely ground jasmine rice polishes my skin leaving me soft and relaxed. I could compare the scent of this to that of a macaroon – in other words divine! By heating the container in a basin of warm water your left with a pot of liquid heaven + I like that it’s organic, it’s nice to have the reassurance I’m putting something good on my body.


Paper Towns by John Green - $15
I feel as thought I’m six years to late with this book because everyone I’ve spoken to has read it. Admittedly Looking for Alaska still remains my favourite of Greens works but I enjoyed this one just the same. To quote a famous donkey “Ogers have layers” now not that this book is an Oger but I feel that this novel has so many layers in character dynamics that makes for quite a page turner. With that said almost every book has been pretty average since Looking for Alaska - Oh the feels *tear*!


September Playlist
some older, some new...

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